Our range of services in English and Danish include:


We translate the text into the target language while also adapting it to its target group.


The text is corrected of grammatical and major linguistic errors.

Language revision or re-editing
The text is examined for linguistic errors or is reedited according to the client's requirements and the target group of the text.

The translated text is provided with the translator's stamp, signature and an endorsement guaranteeing that the translation is a complete an accurrate translation of the source text. An authorised translation may be required if the translation will be used as an exhibit in a court hearing, as proof documenting completed education to foreign schools etc.

Areas of competence 

Our competences cover the following areas:


Financial documents
Accounts, protocols, stock exchange announcements, company profiles and due diligence reports


Legal document
Contracts, court documents, certificates etc.


Technical documents
Technical manuals, user instructions such as software manuals, product descriptions, CE-marking and technical dossiers


Various other documentation
Marketing material, brochures, speeches, CVs, exam papers, business correspondance and other correspondance



If in doubt whether a translation job is covered by our area of competence, please feel welcome to contact us to discuss the job.

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